Our award-winning play space features the largest indoor water play area in New York City, a thoughtfully designed treehouse hideout, and a variety of studios to explore. Whether it's a trip through our signature treehouse, enjoying our distinctive water play area, or participating in a class, City Treehouse will ignite children's imaginations and passions for learning.

At City Treehouse, we are committed to enriching the lives of both children and parents. Our guests enjoy an environment that is both relaxing and stimulates the imagination. Designed to encourage child-directed exploration, our water table and treehouse play area present activities that require interaction. This child-directed approach fosters hands-on learning and the development of cooperative social skills. Sensory learning devices have also been incorporated in the design of our play area to awaken a sense of wonder and stimulate children to explore and discover the world around them.

City Treehouse is open daily from 10a-5p.  Because capacity is limited, reservations are strongly recommended.  We suggest that visitors bring a change of clothes and water shoes since no street shoes are allowed in the play area.

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We want every visitor to have a good time!

Ask us for anything you need.

Let us know if there is something we can do to improve your experience.

The studios at City Treehouse are reconfigured based on what is scheduled, and in an effort to offer a wide variety of activities to keep things interesting.  If you enjoyed something on a prior visit but don’t see it out, just ask and we will try to make it available.  If the glue is empty or you need more pink paper, just ask and we will try to get you what you need. The main studio and play room are often in use by classes and may not always be available for drop-in use.  If you want to make sure the soccer goal is out, or that you will be able to use the dress up area, please let us know and we can confirm availability.

Benefits of Child Directed Play

Child directed play has many amazing benefits for young children. Through self-directed learning, children are able to figure things out for themselves, take healthy chances, and find innovative ways to understand their environment and how it functions. Often times, letting children practice overcoming obstacles, solve problems creatively, and communicate their feelings and ideas with others, foster the development of their cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills.

Enjoy the thrill of self discovery and imagination with your child as they make decisions for themselves, come up with their own games and rules on how to play, and start to become socially interactive. Learning through play will develop high self esteem and boost confidence in children who are exploring the world on their own. 

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